Hellenic American University – American University in Greece – Admission Requirements

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Greek American University requires each applicant to submit a package of information about themselves, which will be considered in accordance with their purpose.

By submitting the documents listed below, you will have all the necessary support in obtaining a student visa and residence permit in Greece.
List of documents:

  1. A completed application for admission to the university.
  2. Certificate / Diploma / Inserts for a completed post-secondary education at a school / college / university. Documents must be officially translated into English. Your educational institution can send documents to us directly or give them to you hand-in-hand in a sealed envelope, which you must hand over to us sealed.
  3. Confirmation of knowledge of the English language:
  • Diploma or Certificate of International Bachelor.
  • Diploma of higher secondary school, where training was conducted in English.
  • University of Michigan Certificate of proficiency in English (University of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English).
  • Cambridge University Certificate of English Proficiency (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English).
  • TOEFL (Test of English Language as a Foreign Language) scores 151-217 (CBT TOEFL), 52-82 (iBT TOEFL) or 475-559 (written exam) for receiving a letter of enrollment 218 (CBT TOEFL), 83 (iBT TOEFL ) or 560 (written exam) and more for conditional admission to the course.
  • At least 560 points for the TOEIC examination system for receiving a letter of conditional admission and 760 points for a letter of unconditional admission.

Candidates must take their own final exam measures and send their results to our university. Please contact the emergency room if you need more information.

  • A candidate must write an essay about his desire to study at a university and why he chose such a particular course.
  • Provide two letters – recommendations from teachers of the educational institution where he studies (studied).
  • Attach two photos (sized for a passport).
  • Attach a copy of your passport / national identification card.
  • Pay 30 Euro. administrative expenses for the consideration of his application (not refundable).
  • Pass a personal interview. For those living in the Former USSR, an interview is conducted by telephone, strictly in English.

Information for international students

This information relates to the registration of a student visa and permission to reside in Greece.

The visa application must be filed in your country of residence and you must not take any action until the visa is received.

The university treats all Russian-speaking students with warmth and respect and helps them in every possible way with the organization of obtaining student visas and permits for the right of residence.

You need to provide us with the following documents:

  1. A photocopy of the passport, certified by a notary.
  2. 3 color photos, passport size, on matte paper.
  3. Make a deposit in a university bank account for one year of study.
  4. Confirmation of the availability of funds for the entire period of study at the university.
  5. This may be a notarized copy of a bank account or a certificate from the tax inspectorate.
  6. At the notary, make three copies of such confirmation, one for obtaining a student visa, another for obtaining permission to reside and a third for keeping with you.
  7. Health certificate that you do not have a disease dangerous to the health of others.
  8. A certificate from the police that you do not have and there were no criminal prosecutions.
  9. Certificate of proficiency in English.
  10. Travel insurance, valid for a period of at least three months.

As soon as the university receives the requested documents, the administrative staff will do for you:

  • Fill in the application form to the police of the city of Athens (since it must be completed in Greek, the knowledge of which is not required of you). The form will be sent to you for student and parent signatures.
  • The university will make a declaration to the police of Athens that you will have travel insurance. If you need our help with the registration of insurance, then in case of its absence, but immediately upon your arrival in Greece, you will be able to get insurance from a Greek insurance company guaranteeing that you will always be provided with medicines and hospital services, if you need it. We repeat: the University does not provide the insurance itself, but only gives you a declaration to the police in Greece.
  • University letters of admission with information about tuition for the first year, the availability of funds for the entire period of study, the requirement to issue you a student visa for the police of Greece, the Greek embassy in your country of residence.

The university will itself provide all these letters to the Athens police, will receive official seals and a special number of residence rights on them. All documents prepared by us will be sent to you so that you can submit them to the Greek Embassy and stamp the visa.

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