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College Education
There are three schools at the college: 1 – School of Arts, 2 – School of Graphics and Industrial Design, 3 – School of Fashion and Fabrics. With all three schools, you can get a basic diploma, higher education, master or doctor of art history. There are also research centers and laboratories in which students work and study.

Basic training at St. Martins has been conducted since 1854, and the college’s reputation is beyond doubt. Today in St. Martins you can find courses for every taste: from short-term to workshops, such unified and unique as a master in applied concepts and industry creation, a master of new management, a master in the practice of creating new and others.

It is possible to enroll in colleges without any problems, according to the uniform application form of the London Institute of Design ( University of Arts London), which has a website in Russia. You can read more on our website in the article on the London Institute of Design. At the same time, nothing prevents you from starting with a basic diploma, an application for courses for which is submitted directly to our International Office at St.

Martins. If you apply for higher education courses through UCAS, on the basis of the achieved assessments, when enrolling in the basic (1-year courses) the candidate’s desire and his perception of the beautiful is taken into consideration, which his folder of drawings, photographs of works, sketches, and judgments can serve. The basic course may consist of preparing artwork on ceramics, fashion, graphic design or drawing for admission to the main course of higher education. Successfully completed basic courses are automatically transferred to all core courses.

University College has everything you need not only for training, but also for accommodation, food, and the provision of all other services. 13 buildings of hostels throughout London allow you to choose the closest to one or another educational building. Prices of course vary: you can’t count on the same price of accommodation on London’s Old Street (Old Street, N1 6JP, Will Wyatt Court), where all 514 hotel-level rooms have not only separate utilities but also cable TV, Internet, security of the highest destination, billiard halls, recreation rooms …

And – hostel in Tooting (5 Spalding Road, SW17 9BB)where common utilities, students live in common rooms, but several times cheaper. So there is plenty to choose from, BUT – regardless of the availability of money, ALL students study from the same professors in the same classes, have the same opportunities to comprehend the new, get the same diplomas – that is, the same growth opportunities.

About our classes and specialized corps should be specifically said. The State Center for Creative Learning in Practice and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning operate on the territory of the university college. The UK government has invested heavily in the work of these centers, their equipment, which allows for a lot of research and projects. Now the college can continue to work on these projects independently, including the provision of special scholarships to art researchers working at the centers, and our students for masters and doctors of science comprehend new things, actively assisting in research.

The job prospects at the end of St. Martins are much higher than at other universities. It can even be said that the demand for our specialists exceeds our capabilities. It is worth visiting our web section Creative opportunities to be sure of what was said. Work is provided not only permanently in companies leading in fashion, but also not full-time, temporary, voluntary, but also with a device from the college for on-the-job training in the workplace. Earnings, on average, start at 30 thousand dollars a year and above. It all depends on your desire, your attitude to study, and the rest you will be helped.

Assistance to international students is provided throughout. The college is looking for talents – and if you are capable, then you will never be left without money or an unpaid course of study. That is what Martin is famous for over 150 years.

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