Teaching Methods in the Uk

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The UK Education system encourages self-study, discussions and practical work. The students may have timetabled classes or might be encouraged to do more of independent work for a substantial amount of time depending on the course.

Most of the courses would include the following teaching methods:
Lectures serve to guide the students through the course material by explaining the main points of a topic and introduce new topics for study or debate. The size of the class is generally large often up to 100 students. The main advantage of this method of teaching is that the students get up-to-date information that might not be there in the textbooks and are provided with the core material for a subject area.
The seminars provide a platform to the students for sharing their views on a given topic. The students are told in advance about a topic and are required to prepare a presentation on it. The discussions that take place around the presentation often helps students to understand a topic better and help students to develop their communication skills.
Tutorials give you focused guidance on a particular topic. The students meet with the professors individually to discuss their concerns about the topic that they have undertaken and thus seek individual guidance.
Practical Work
The objective of this method of teaching is to give the student practical experience of theories that they learn in classes and to develop practical skills to help prepare for future careers. Practical work may be done individually or as part of a group.
Work Place Training
In some courses, the students spend some time away from their classes working in employment related to their course of study. This gives them global exposure to the market.
Independent Study
This is an important part of studying in the UK. Students investigate a topic in detail and develop their own views about it. This usually involves working individually or in a small group with other students to research a topic and produce written work or make a presentation for a seminar.
Written Work
This may include essays, projects, dissertations or assignments. These may be assessed and given grades.
The assessment may be in the form of essays, projects, dissertations, workshops, portfolios, presentations, performance in practice sessions or exams which can be either an open book test or closed book depending on the course.

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