Why students must study a variety of subjects in school?

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A career is the most important decision of a child’s life. However, in most cases, this choice is enforced upon them by parents, guardians, and mentors. What they fail to understand is that the choice of career has to be made by the kid. They don’t allow them to open their minds to different career options. 

The choice of a career has a huge bearing on children’s life. If they are forced into a career that they are not good at, it could lead to a life of dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to give their kids the liberty of making this choice.

The whole thing boils down to this:

“Are our children prepared to choose a career for themselves?”

“Are they capable enough to select a field that they can pursue as a career and grow?”

Read on to find out how we can shape the minds of our kids to explore career options for themselves:

The dilemma of more than one

As students, we have always been guided by our parents, mentor, or elder sibling in choosing the career path. This is why today, we see people having degrees from famous colleges, failing to be “successful” at their job. 

The above chart shows the percentage of career options chosen by the students when they entered tertiary education in 2017. A large percentage of pupils opted for traditions subjects including medicine, engineering, business administration, and law.

This chart also shows us the options available to kids when they had to choose their careers. However, without proper knowledge, these decisions will be difficult. 

Education today is based upon multi-disciplinary studies. It helps the child to explore one problem through multiple lenses. If we consider the issue of “global warming,” there are multiple angles that we can study it from and devise an effective solution.  

Eight subjects can be studied in collaboration with each other to find the right solution to global warming. Understandably, a person with limited knowledge of the subject would feel lost. The deep insights that come from the multi-disciplinary study can equip an individual more to find a plausible solution.

The benefits of studying multiple subjects

Well, as a parent, you might be worried that exposure to various subjects at once may lead to increased pressure on the child’s mind. 

Let’s clear that up for you. Children’s brain is like a sponge, and they absorb and compartmentalize the knowledge that they are exposed to. Hence, introducing them to multiple subjects at once can be very beneficial.

Here are some more advantages to convince you why your child should learn multiple subjects in school:

An in-depth insight 

When a child is exposed to multiple subjects in school, they tend to pick information and develop a better understanding of the issues and problems in front of them. It helps them perform better academically as well as in their practical lives. 

Problem-solving skills get an upgrade

When children study a variety of subjects, they understand the many aspects of a problem. So when coming up with solutions, they can proffer more feasible ones as they studied the issue in-depth and from multiple angles.

Greater adaptability

Children who have learned through a variety of subjects have a better sense of their surroundings. Their cognitions are better, and they learn to pick and apply the necessary facts as and when required. 

They act as cognitively-abled and critical thinking chameleons who adapt to their environment. As compared to them, children who studied single subject have minimal comprehension. 

Prudence becomes inherent

Since children learning multiple subjects at once are fast learners and learn to grasp facts with their skills, they tend to be off-the feet thinker.

It means that they can make quicker evaluations, weighing the pros and cons, and making effective decisions with lesser dissonance.

Skills innately become a vital part of the self

Skill development is more of a necessity today than it ever was. People now need to have skills rather than just bookish knowledge. Being more socially aware also helps the cause.

When automation becomes a norm in the near future, it will be the skills that will differentiate people. They will also enable them to secure good jobs and better social mobility.

It is important to get kids involved in social entrepreneurship to foster out-of-the-box thinking. Only then will they be able to survive in the competitive environment of the future. Parents can get their kids enrolled in the various course available on the internet. Even schools are now offering these courses.

To prepare their students for a world driven by social entrepreneurship, San Jose, CA, schools are coming up with ingenious ways. Schools, there, are introducing new curriculums and even opening new centers to allow children to explore new challenges and present solutions.

Times are changing

If we analyze the current academic policies and charters, we will realize that what we focus on is something superficial. With the massive gap created by a lack of soft skills, we are not doing any good for our future generations. It must change.

Learning multiple subjects through traditional and non-traditional means exposes the children to holistic understanding and allows them the chance to think and decide. Adjustments and adaptability instead of stringent thought process is the need of time. 

Multiple subjects help children learn about all the possibilities. It also enables them to make correct decisions regarding their careers as they have a better understanding of their interest. They will be able to choose with better awareness and hence will be efficient decision-makers.

Final Word

We are stepping into the future with immense options and possibilities. To excel in that, we have to remove the subject boundaries and expose our kids to various options. 

We all know that it has now boiled down to better skill sets rather than better college degrees. A person willing to make a mark in the world needs to be creative. He/she should be able to present solutions to complex problems. It is something that can’t be achieved by studying limited subjects.

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