Importance of Computer

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When did start changes in the world?  When the computer did invent. The word & logic of the computer is very old. If we go back about 30-years and think there was no computer and nobody understand about it and its roles. But its importance and roles in the word gradually increased and now it becomes a part of our life and work and so that nowadays everyone uses the statement “This is the World of Computer”. Since then, swift changes have been seen in computer technology, which regularly in progress.

About the computer, everyone has his own opinion and view in his mind. As it is evident from the meaning of its name i.e “to compute” Somebody feels very happy when a complicated task is done by computer in a short period very quickly and accurately. However, feel very bad when you are doing urgent work and the system suddenly gets stuck or power failed.
Infect computer tack place in a wide range and every field. Let us discuss its importance, how a computer works better for us.
Compute in the office:
It is a fact that every small and huge office use documentation for the smooth running of the Office work. Previously this work is done by the typewriter with type machine. Now, these jobs are done by computer operators using a computer instead of a typewriter. Not use only documentation, spreadsheet for accounting, database management, map drawing, receiving and transferring data through electronic mail are all also a part of daily office work. Saving of a file is very good and important for office because office administration can use and change this file again and again where it needs. When the file is completed, the numbers of copy you need of this file can be printed immediately.
Computer in Education:
Computers are used as an initial stage in schools and colleges. In the education department, students learn education about the computer. The education department also provides a qualified degree to the students. Students are learned that how to use compute in different fields, how to makes design and shapes on the computer, how to install its programs, how to use these programs, how to remove computer errors etc. Internet is also a good way of learning. There are online classes teaches by online institutions. They also provide online education degree to the students. Students can research through the internet and anyone can receive better information about anything through the internet.
Computer in Health Care:
The doctor diagnoses many types of dangerous disease such as heart diseases, eye, and sight defects, etc by computerized machine and arranges medicine accordingly. In the gynecological field, the Gynecologist track the position and condition of the newborn child. Doctors also kept the record of patients and blood group on the computer.
Computer in the Bank:
The roles of computers are very important in the Bank. Computers are used in the Bank to keep maintain bank accounts and user information. Computer avoids bank accounts from duplication of records. Bank cheques having special characters and numbers of magnetized ink, which is read by MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader) and data is sent to the computer. MICR checks the validity and accuracy of the cheques and prevents from any mistake. All of the information of users such as accounts, withdrawal, deposits, loan interest and other information handled by the computer in Bank. Now-a-day employees and any others are utilized from online and ATM system which is handled through the computer.
Computer in the Industries:
Huge types of machinery are used in industries. These types of machinery are controlled and run by computers. It shows the temperature and manufacturing process of the items. It also shows the quantity of the raw materials and the mixing of these materials in special ways. Some industries use computers in the form of Robots. Robots are the programmable machines having moveable arms like a human. Robots perform difficult tasks that a man can not do by themselves. For example, works in high temperature or below 0 oC.
Computer Simulation for Training:
The computer model can be used to train people such as Pilots. A working model of an airplane cockpit is built, which a large screen in front of it. On the screen, a computer shows a picture of the view that a pilot would see from a real cockpit. Simulation technique is used to teach everything from piloting an airplane, learn safety procedure in an oil company, bomb-making, temperature and pressure constraints in natural gas pipelining, train health care professionals to running a nuclear plant.
Computer-Aided Design (CAD):
A computer works as an assistant tool for engineers, designers, and architectures. 1st Engineers draws the drawing of each point of the object i.e prepare object drawing and looks its preview by CAD application in a computer. CAD application is also used for car designing, building, and plazas, drawing and redesigning complicated plans, paper drawing of roads and bridges. We can define a complete preview of the object by the help of 3 dimension image drawn by computer.
Computer in Store (Markets):
There are large and different items stored in the markets. Each item has own Universal Product Code (UPC) in the form of black and white strips. These bar codes are read by Bar Code Reader. Now-a-day people take interest in online markets. The role of the computer for online markets is very important. The sales and buy their products online. The computer also shows the quantity of the items in the store that, how many items are added to the stock and how much subtracted. The computer also shows the loss and profit of these items.
Compute in Law:
Computers are used in law chamber for keeping the cases. Lawyer studies and take assistance from these cases that they have been already decided. The traffic light is controlled by the computer which is “ON” “OFF” at regular intervals. Computerized cameras and scanners are used to prevent from any criminal activity. Traffic Police has also a record of registered, non-registered and stolen vehicles.
Compute in Police & Traffic Department:
The police use the computer to help them catch criminals. Data about criminals and suspects can be stored on computers. All the information about the crime can be fed into a computer which can search through its store and check facts.
Computer in Air System:
Computers are playing great roles in the air system. It provides all of the information about flight and seat reservation. It gives full information about its flights. For example time of arrival and departure, seat information, cancellation of flight, etc. These are also used to control space flights and to keep a constant check on all the equipment. When a fault occurs, these are used to find out the cause.
Computer in the Arts:
The need for a computer is flexible and it does not work only in the field of science and technology.
Now-a-day art is considered as an important and improving the field of the world. The computer also works for people related to Arts. Computer assists people to write books and poetry. Draw cartoons, compose songs, design graphical pictures and create special effects in movies.
Computer in Defense and Army:
Computer plays a very great role in the army defense system. All the modern weapons and defense appliances are controlled by computer. For example, Atomic Technology, Missile Technology, Tank Technology, Radar Technology, Air force, etc are totally computerized.
Computer as a Communication & Networking Device:
Computer as communication is an important context of the computer. The computer provides a good facility for communication both voice and documental. Not only itself but also other communication devices are controlled by computer. The computer gives a good globally network facility to the word. Computer abolished the distance among the people of the world. As communication, it gives a good result for every department. Now-a-day lot of information is exchanged through different media in which computer take place as a sender and receiver.

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