How to Choose a Preparatory Private High School

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Decide for yourself: Why do you want to send your child to a private high school? You can, on the basis of the database make a list of schools that you think are most suitable for your child. Do this:

  1. . Talk to the child: What does he want? The most important moment will be the independent decision of the child of their fate. If he thinks about a career and believes that a private high school will help him – he will study successfully. Because he decided himself! Everything that is solved without his participation and choice is perceived with hostility! You only lose money and time! Do not think that your child can not solve anything himself! He is yours! So he’s smart too! Give him respect by giving a choice, and you will achieve more than expected.
  2.  The solution of the second question will help you very much with the achievement of the highest results, a current like him: What kind of school do you want? Does your daughter like riding lessons? Does your son like to play hockey? The school must be close to home? What do you think about the issue of placing a child in a non-stop boarding school? Or maybe you need a therapeutic school? A lot of questions that need to be discussed and resolved. Be prepared, have a table with all the questions at hand until a school is found, against whose name you put down all the crosses.
  3.  It is necessary to collect information about school/schools. Almost all schools are represented on the Internet. Look at their sites, virtual tours, order brochures, call administrative offices with questions. The information collected will help to make a list of 10 – 15 schools.
  4.  This part of the preparatory school selection process is one of the most important. You need to reduce the list of schools to 3-5 from 10-15, which you have to visit and study thoroughly. If you have a consultant, then meet him. Explain your school and child requirements to the counselor. Display a list of 10-15 pre-selected schools. Receive from the consultant the answer to this question: Which of the schools is the most guaranteed, that is, there is every chance of enrolling in it. This does not mean that only this school will remain on your list, since (usually) it will turn out to be some kind of privileged school, with a big name and a small number of students.Your list should be reduced to 3-5 schools. And no less. Now: Which school should I attend first? Do this: 1. Who has the cost of training suits you the most? 2. Reception conditions are not particularly difficult. 3 Not so far from home. Again: do everything with the child so that he chooses the school. This is the main “key” to success in its achievements, without which there can be no talk about the university.
  5. Visit schools with your child. Since all the further fate of the child will be associated with its formation in the elected school, then you understand: it is required to devote time, without saving, for each visit. A visit during the school year is recommended, as you lead classes, you will have an idea of the culture prevailing in the school. The child himself will say: I want to study at THIS school. And then you will not have a problem: A test for minimal knowledge for entering the school. The child chose the school – he will prepare himself!
  6. The standard test is included in the admission rules for all private schools. SSAT and ISEE are most accepted in private and independent schools, COOP, HSPT, and TACHS are held in Catholic schools. A lot of practical training always helps, especially the practice of already conducted tests, which can be freely found on the Internet.
  7.  One last thing: filling out an application for admission. Do not think that it is so simple. Especially filling out questions for parents and a letter from the candidate asking for admission. The school in practice wants to know everything that you think about your child, what potentialities he has, character, weaknesses, behavior and much more. You can not just give short answers – they will refuse you. Write detailed answers, on separate sheets of paper, AND, PUT THEIR TO THEIR, for 2-3 days.When you return to them, you will know exactly what to write, and what is not. The letter of the candidate with a request for enrollment – in practice: an essay on the topic: Why he wants to study in IT SCHOOL. The essay is attached and the answers to the questionnaire. Teachers in mathematics and English, from the school where your child is studying at the moment, will have to give their recommendations on the achievements of the student.
    Recommendations are sent directly to a private school and you will never know their content. You will receive from the private school all the necessary forms for teacher recommendations. Tip: Give them to the teachers along with a mailing envelope in which you already wrote the address and pasted stamps. Personally pass. Do not ask for anything. 99% guarantee that the recommendations will be good!

Most schools require submission of applications for admission before February and report on the results in March. The entire process of attending schools and completing admission documents MUST be made for all schools from your shortlist of 3-5 schools. Do not even think that your money decides anything.

All the parents pay the same price, and schools choose only the best. If any school refuses you, another school will provide a place. And also: there is no place to complain about private schools about the process of admission and refusal! The only thing: forget and move forward! You MUST warn your child about the possibility of failure! Let him understand the importance of entrance tests.

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